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Autobody shop collision repair and painting serving north west Edmonton and surrounding area.

“KEY SCRATCHES”!! Do you have some small scratches on door of your car? If it’s a surface scratch, not through the paint, then all you may need is a light buffing to get rid of the scratch! Stop by our shop anytime during working hours and we will evaluate the repairs almost immediately. SOMETIMES, we can remove the scratch immediately, NO CHARGE to you!

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[subheading_3]By law you are entitled to have your insurance claim applied towards repairs at any auto-body shop. Accord Collision & Painting offers a high level of service and is a family owned business that you can trust. Call us today at 780-452-9600[/subheading_3][heading_1 type=”divider”]Attention Brokers[/heading_1]
[subheading_3]Accord Collsion & Painting has the capacity to manage large insurance accounts and will save your clients money[/subheading_3]




People looking for estimates are looking for two things:
Quality and Price.

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Maintain the trust and respect of your clients while building a broader professional network by connecting with Accord Collision.

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We offer superior service and from time to time we are able to pass on savings.

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Family owned and operated since 1900, Accord Collision has maintained high ethical and moral standards. We value our name and our reputation.

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